Thursday, December 27, 2012

Early Resolution Action

As the new year approaches, and in preparation for my marketing future, I have resolved to increase my social media activity, including this poor, abandoned blog! A comprehensive update of my last two and a half years would be very dull, so I'll just share the highlights:

• Attended 3 beautiful weddings for my even more beautiful cousins!
Carolyn Adler ~ May 2011, Michigan

 Erin + Matt Rocco ~ July 2012, Michigan

Michelle + Bruce Twersky ~ October 2012, Arizona

Welcomed a gorgeous new cousin to the family!
Dakota Mecca Dennis, born April 16, 2011

• Attended A LOT of incredible concerts, including: 

• Helped organize several work parties and events:
Roaring 20s Holiday Party, February 2011

Ugly Sweater Bunko Party, October 2011

Mardi Gras Holiday Party, March 2012

TP Olympics, August 2012

Summer Hoedown, September 2012

• Began pursuit of my MBA at ASU's W.P.Carey School of Business, August 2012

• Bought a house! (well, condo... that I somehow don't have pictures of at the moment, I'll try to rectify that) November 2011

The past two and a half years have been full of many tremendous memories and I look forward to posting about all of my wonderful adventures to come in 2013! I hope you'll follow along!