Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Year Update

Ok, so my new year's hiatus lasted a bit longer than I intended... I started watching HBO's former series The Wire and, well, all I can tell you of the last month and a half is that I've learned to never trust a politician, news writer, police officer, lawyer, dock worker, or drug dealer. Great show!

Anyways, now that I've re-emerged into the real world, I have quite a few updates. I recently designed a logo for my parents and brother's newly formed real estate team:
So if you're looking to buy property in this beautiful state (and why wouldn't you? It's 75 degrees of gorgeous sunshine right now!) they're the team to call. Plus, they're great people.

I've also resumed my position as a mentor at Free Arts of Arizona. My partner Kyla and I are working with kids aged 5-11 and so far it's been a blast! I love this age group, they're still excited about playing with glitter and pipe cleaners and nothing is totally lame yet. Last week we made valentines, tissue paper flowers for Mom, and candy rings:

I've been busy at work at the Children's Museum, which I'm loving more and more each day - I even got to write a few grant requests this week! We've been preparing for months for a huge gala that is finally upon us! This Saturday night adults will take over the museum and play and explore like kids, and I'll get to partake in the festivities as a grateful volunteer. I'll post some pictures after the big event.

Speaking of work, I'm finally returning to work at Anthropologie this weekend and I'm very excited to be back on the job. While I really, really love all of the volunteering/interning I'm doing, I can't help but long for the ca-ching of a paycheck every now and then.

And lastly, I lost a great member of the family this week when we put down our beloved Wheaten Terrier, Bailey. Bays was my first great companion when we moved to Arizona, and I'll greatly miss our pool races and cuddle sessions. Unfortunately, age finally got the best of him and after fourteen great years we had to say goodbye. Unbelievably, I don't have a single picture of him on my computer (I lost them all in the great crash of '07), but here's a drawing I made of him a few summers ago:

RIP Bailey boy, I'm sure you're having a great time in doggy heaven with Rocky and Reggie.

So, that's my update for now. I'm trying to get back to work on some personal projects, one of which is staying on top of this blog so that I can keep my devoted readers entertained (that's you, Grandma Bebby). Hopefully I'll have some new artwork to post soon, and until then, enjoy one of my favorite hippo sketch studies: